London Based Steadicam & Camera Operator

Steadicam | Camera | MK-V Omega AR | Ronin 2 | Alpha Wheels

Richard Bellon is a London based Steadicam Operator & Owner working in
Feature Films, Drama, Commercials, TV and Digital content.

Richard Bellon is an experienced Steadicam & Camera Operator with over 15 years of experience working on live events, music videos, commercials & feature films. Richard owns a Steadicam as well as a MK-V Omega AR & Ronin 2 and Digital content is comfortable with any camera package & any type of production from 3-D Rigs to DSLR.

His experience includes working productions internationally including all over Africa, Mauritius and the United Kingdom. He is well equipped and happy to travel to any destination. Richard is currently based in the UK and South Africa.