MK-V Omega AR

The AR is now replaced with the Ωmega! The Ωmega does everything the AR did, only better!

The MK-V V2 AR system is the most advanced body mounted camera stabilization platform in the world.

The heart of the MK-V Ωmega system is the Deluxe Nexus.

The Revolution System is MK-V’s flagship innovation.

The core of the advancement of the MK-V Ωmega is the circular ring mechanism which makes it possible to move the camera freely on the optical axis, allowing the image to stay level. An operator can change seamlessly from low-mode to high-mode.

The system allows the operator to achieve shots similar to a jib crane with long vertical moves, while keeping the freedom of mobility of a conventional stabilized system.

The MK-V Ωmega System has been designed to work with a great number of cameras, ranging from small HD-SLR (even the iphone), to HD & 35mm Film Cameras.

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